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I’m Robert G. and I used to have a criminal record. Living with the kinds of limitations that record put on me was no happy life at all. I found the help I needed to get rid of it at a non profit company called Pardons Canada. Click here to read a little more about my journey. Otherwise, keep reading cause I’ve included lots of info to help you.

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Depending on your situation, Pardons Canada will determine the order of actions that need to be taken to get your Pardon/ U.S. Entry Waiver. They will take into account the date you went to court, your specific personal situation, your job and immigration situation.

They have professional counsellors that make the Pardons process as painless as possible. They can be reached easily via phone, email, or at the walk-in center. I used the walk-in center and they got to work for me straight way.

What if I’m turned away at the U.S. Border?

It can be really disheartening to experience being turned away at the border because of your criminal record. But don’t fret, Pardons Canada is here to help you.

It may come as a surprise because you managed to get into the U.S. before. This is because they do random criminal check and this practice is becoming more common.

You will need to get a U.S. Entry Waiver to go to the United States in the future. It can be a difficult process. Pardons Canada can help you speed up the process.

What if I can’t get a job or promotion because of my criminal record?

fingerprints ottawa

A criminal record can make it difficult to get a job or promotion.

Getting a job

When you sign an employment application you may be giving the employer the right to check your record. This can seriously affect your chance of getting the job.

Losing a job

Even if you have a job, it doesn’t mean that you can get a promotion because your employer can check the records at any time, especially when you are up for a promotion.

It’s also possible that you will lose your job when they do the search.


When you own your own business and you work with other business, those business are likely to check your record before awarding your company with a contract. Especially if you have access to sensitive information or are working with vulnerable people. Searches are often conducted on nannies, accountants, and computer programmers.

Getting bonded

Employers pay insurance against the risk of their staff being involved in crimes. This is called being bonded. Since you have a criminal record it may cost the company too much money to bond you when hiring you, and so they won’t hire you.

Careers that often need a criminal record search

  •            Any and all government offices
  •            Police officers
  •            Teachers
  •            Bank workers
  •            Truck drivers
  •            Taxi/limo drivers
  •            Daycare workers
  •            Insurance brokers
  •            Collection agents
  •            Investment advisors
  •            Nurses
  •            Funeral directors
  •            Car dealers
  •            Casino workers
  •            Security guards
  •            Couriers
  •            Volunteers

What if I’m denied volunteer opportunities

criminal record check Edmonton

Having a criminal record will affect almost all areas of your life. Things like coaching children’s sports teams and volunteering need a criminal records check.

You need to act now to get a Pardon so you have the best life possible. Once you have received a Pardon with the help of Pardons Canada you won’t have to worry about any application you make. Yay!

What if I can’t immigrate to Canada or stay in Canada.

suspended sentence canada

Visiting Canada

Its unlawful to visit Canada if you have a criminal record without first getting special permission form Citizenship and Immigration Canada (CIC). Before returning to Canada if you have a Canadian criminal record you will need to apply for a Pardon first.

Foreign criminal records require a Ministers’ permit, or a Rehabilitation Application.

Minister’s Work and Permits Authorizations

If you have already been granted an Authorization to work before you were charged it can still be revoked and you can be deported!

Refugee Status

Refugees can be deported and lose their refugee status if they have a criminal record. Complications in the person’s immigration application will arise if any type of criminal record is found. This also applies to the whole ‘family’ not just the person who has the record. The whole family can be deported as a result!

Permanent Resident or Landed Status

When you apply as a Permanent Resident for Canadian citizenship, your residency status will be removed and you will be deported if a criminal record is found. Even if you’ve been in Canada since childhood.

If the criminal record is very old, it can still be used against you and you can still be stripped of your status and deported.

Canadian Citizenship

bondable definition

Before applying for citizenship make sure that you have first sealed or destroyed your criminal record, Pardons Canada will help you!
It doesn’t matter how serious the offense is. It can lead to extreme delays in your application for citizenship and worst case you can be deported and have your status revoked.

Deportation from Canada

If proceedings for deportation are initiated against you, it’s a good idea to show them that you have already begun the process of resolving your criminal record and obtaining a pardon.  Having the process started will show immigration Canada that you are a law-abiding citizen and that you qualify for a record removal. You can give them a roundabout date as to when the record will be removed. They may decide to cancel your deportation from Canada.

What if I can’t visit my family in the United States

canadian citizen card

The Department of Homeland Security (DHS) can refuse entry at the border if you have a record. Since 2009 America has required that all Canadians travelling to the U.S. have to have passports to cross the border. Because of this it’s become easier for them to see if you have a criminal record. Regardless of whether your charge was dismissed or stayed or withdrawn, or you were even acquitted you will still need a U.S. Entry Waiver or Pardon.

Pardons Canada gets calls all the time from Canadians in this exact situation every day. They can help you travel again!

What if I can’t have custody of my children

The best interests of the children are the main thing the court will take into account. The parent’s character is an important factor.  Having a criminal record will negatively affect your custody application. It may even also affect your visitation rights. It’s in your best interests to begin the Pardon process with Pardons Canada before you apply for custody.

Here are some more testimonials from happy customers:

aggravated assault

It is with a lot of excitement and joy that I write this letter. Receiving a Pardon was the best gift I have received in recent times considering what I have gone through because of the unfortunate lack of judgment I made in November 2003 that led to my conviction and thereby getting a criminal record. Allow me to express my gratitude for the professional job well done by Pardons Canada from day one I filed my application till to this moment of receiving a Pardon. My privacy was preserved; the support and assurance I got from your staff made me functioned. I had hopes that one day I would stand up and walk again on the right side of the law. This support was a factor in my decision to get back to school for another professional degree and turn my life around to help others. I am now a fully certified Public Health Inspector by the Canadian Institute of Public Health Inspectors and practicing with the Region of Peel in Mississauga, part of my responsibilities is to enforce applicable Acts and Regulations in Public Health. Nothing like this would have happened without the professional support I received from Pardons Canada. By Anon.

As a father, a community elder, I am able once again to advise young people to stay away from crimes. Through your program I was able to convey a message that there is light at the end of the tunnel. I feel that I am born again; life has just begun and I hope to contribute to my family and community in every way possible as a free individual. I am thrilled that I can now plan to travel to the United States to re-connect with friends and family. I must say that I tried to deal with many other offices that claim to help people like me with a criminal record but the kind of service and initial reception you provided encouraged me to sail through with your program, thank you. By Anon.

I’m writing to express my gratitude to you and the members of Pardons Canada for your commitment to helping individuals like me who have made poor decisions in the past but who continue to strive to be more positive members of society. It is as a result of your dedication that I can now walk freely and comfortable knowing that I paid for my mistakes and that will no longer affect my life today. By Anon.

Each day for the past year, I have gone to the mailbox hoping to see a letter from “P. Canada” and that day finally came. I woke up my wife to tell her the great news and we can continue to flourish as a happy family with our two four-year-old twins. I plan to continue to make positive choices for myself and to lead by example for the next generation. By Anon.

how long does it take to get a canadian passport

When I got an envelope from my mail box coming from Pardons Canada, I thought it was another request for me to comply with certain requirements. However, when I opened the envelope and saw the word Congratulations, I felt the outburst of joy and had tears in my eyes. These past 7 years, the case filed against me was a huge burden both physically and spiritually. I felt so lonely having lost my family in a very cruel way, and had doubts what my future will bring. This case also affected my self-confidence but with the help of my friends, community and co-workers and knowing God is always with me and help me carry the burdens, all problems became lighter but I still felt heaviness of heart especially when I am alone and thought of the days when my family was intact. Now that the case was resolved in my favor, I felt a new freedom in my life. I thank God, the Pardons Canada for patiently reviewing my papers and all the people around me for unceasingly giving me moral support throughout these years. The joy in my heart cannot be fully expressed. This new beginning will be used to the fullest with God’s continued blessings and guidance.By Anon.

Thank you for helping me to gain a fresh start. It was a bad thing which depressed me for a long time. My mistake which was (shoplifting) was a big problem for me, and I was always worried and so scared of people around me. I did not want anybody to know about that mistake, and I didn’t know how to clean my record. I felt with shame although that happened when I was a newcomer to Canada, and because of misunderstanding of what will happen if I take any item out of the store in any way. I continued my life avoiding any suspect or anything against the rules. I raised four kids and they are so hard working and straight. One became a famous musician, the second one is studying a master’s degree. I thank you so much Pardons Canada for helping me clear my record.By Anon.

I am writing this letter to say thank you for getting my record cleaned. When I decided to do this, I was hesitant. When I paid for this I said why am I doing this. I am 69 years old and retired, not planning on going back to work. I never had any problems finding crossing the border or finding work until 911 happened. I have not been able to cross the border since then. I credit my wife of 45 years with turning my life around. I have two grown children and I made sure they didn’t follow the same path as myself. I am very happy that I went through with this because I am planning on volunteering for Habitat for Humanity and Meals on Wheels. I now don’t have to worry about being turned away. Thank you, Pardons Canada. I would recommend you to anyone.By Anon.

Here’s another video from Andrew at Pardons.org it has some useful information for you.

Here are a few useful links:

United States Customs and Border Protection (CBP)

Federal Bureau of Investigations (FBI)

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