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I’m Robert G. I used to have a criminal record. It was causing me a lot of problems. If you’re reading this you probably know what I mean. It affects everything from work opportunities to travel. It’s a harsh stain on your reputation. It can even affect personal relationships. I’m extremely glad I went through the process of getting a pardon. It changed my life. Let me tell you how.

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If you’ve spent any time researching how to get a pardon, you’ll have come across the name Pardons Canada at pardons.org. I’d say they’re the most established and reputable non profit company helping people move forward with this part of their lives. That’s who helped me.

There’s other companies out there. You can even try and do it yourself. All I can say is I don’t think this is the kind of thing where you want to make mistakes. If the process isn’t done right you could have long delays and extra costs. To me it’s not worth it.

I wanted to be free of my criminal record as cleanly and quickly as possible. Pardons.org made it happen! Once your pardon or record suspension is done, your name won’t show up in any search of the Canadian Police Information Centre (CPIC). Yay!

There were so many obstacles in my life because of my criminal record. Thanks to Pardons.org I am free!

About Pardons Canada

Pardons.org is a non-profit organization that helps people like you and I get their Pardons, and US Entry waivers.

They have been helping people in Canada for over 25 years. Since 1989 they have achieved 200,000 pardons/record suspensions/US entry waivers.

The Pardons.org counsellors are professionals. The service is completely confidential and you can even remain anonymous on the call. I went to the walk-in center with the documents I had. They were able to tailor their service to my specific situation. I immediately felt hopeful!

Once you give them your permission, Pardons Canada will take on all the necessary steps to remove your record which includes fingerprint destruction, photograph destruction, purges, record suspensions, and US entry waivers.

Pardons Canada Offers Additional Support

Immigration and Employment Support Letters

Support letters can show that you’ve done a lot to improve your behaviour and that you are serious about being a law-abiding citizen. They’ll help you make sure you’ve got good letters.


Pardons Canada can determine that it’s possible to have your record destroyed or sealed.

Referrals to other organizations

If needed, you’ll be referred to the right organization for specific help catered to your case.

Don’t just take my word for it, here’s a bunch of testimonials from people just like me who used Pardons.org to get a new life. I personally copied them from the original letters. Of course we took out all the names.


aggravated assault

My sincere Gratitude to Pardons Canada for helping me regain my life back. It surely feels great not to have that burden on my shoulders. I can look forward to a great future without any obstacles in my way. In the past, it has happened to me twice and it is surely is an embarrassment and it brings down your self-esteem, when someone tells you that you can’t volunteer due to your criminal records. Imagine how it hurts your confidence and your eagerness and this only related to volunteer, so could you imagine how much more it will hurt looking for a job with limitations and restrictions. With all this in the past I hope anyone and everyone who had encounter this problem as I have would have the courage and eagerness to come forward and ask for help it is surely out there, and it makes a tremendous difference in your new life. So, don’t wait or hesitate, my future looks bright and It’s all because of that one conversation I had with a gentleman over the phone who has given me lots of hope, so I just want to say thank you again to Brian for listening to me, and for helping me, as of today I am back in the work force after seven years and it feels amazing. Now that my criminal Records are of the past I don’t have to feel intimidated by cops, I’m now a very proud citizen who can lift my head up high. It’s amazing what Pardons Canada can do to change someone’s life. By Anon.

Before applying to Pardons Canada, I was lost. I was 20-years-old, going into my first year of university after completing police foundations at Humber College. After graduating from the program at Humber I did not think I could pursue a career in law enforcement due to my actions that put me in my position. I then contacted Pardons Canada and they explained to me in detail the different pathways that I could pursue in order to get my documents expunged for good. I therefore applied for a pardon and once my conditional discharge was over, it only took four months for my pardon to be initiated. I want to thank Pardons Canada for this opportunity. I am finally able to think clearly; I am finally able to apply for jobs without any worries; I no longer need to worry about a criminal record; My family is finally able to live their day-to-day lives without this being in the back of their minds, and I am now able to apply to multiple jobs and not have to worry about employers checking my criminal record because I no longer have one. It is a sigh of relief. Words cannot describe how happy this process has made my family and I and how much stress it has taken out of our lives. Once again, thank you Pardons Canada for this opportunity. You have made my life much better and made me a stronger person, as well as my family. Anyone that is going through what I went through should contact Pardons Canada because it will be very beneficial to one’s life. By Anon.

I can’t begin to describe the embarrassment and shame I felt the day the U.S. Customs and Border Protection Officer denied me entrance to the United States due to my criminal record. I was traveling to Florida with a group of golfing buddies for a week of golf and relaxation that we had been planning for months. The humiliation was so intensely painful and debilitating. In those early moments, it was hard to do anything but wallow in my own distress. It was the single most painful life experience I’d ever endured. After much self-reflection in the days that followed, I realized that the humiliation I endured was justified and I had only myself to blame. Eleanor Roosevelt’s words rang loud and clear: “No one can make you feel inferior without your consent”. It was time to regroup and deal with my embarrassing criminal record. I would like to thank Pardons Canada for their tremendous help and support. From the beginning, I was provided with timely and helpful advice in a caring manner. It was under Pardons Canada’s guidance that I was able to complete and submit all the required paper work within a reasonable timeframe. My experience with Pardons Canada was so positive. The treatment I received was very sensitive and kind and helped to restore my self-worth. I recently received my official Record Suspension/Pardon. It was a relief to finally rid myself of the albatross around my neck. I can finally hold my head high. My dignity has been restored. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for your commitment to helping others. By Anon.

how long does it take to get a canadian passportI just wanted to take the time to say thank you so much for working diligently to clear my record. So many years went by not knowing if I could pardon my record, and how many times I over looked employment because of my record. I finally can feel a little more confident in applying for jobs knowing I have nothing on my record. Secondly, knowing a service is available to help people relieve this type of stress is life altering. Being able to travel to the United States is a massive bonus. No cost can help identify how much this alleviates a stress that has burdened me. I appreciate the help Pardons Canada has provided me. It definitely was a lot quicker than expected, but very much appreciated. By Anon.

I am writing to thank Pardons Canada for their help in getting my file destruction application approved. I feel like a huge burden got off my shoulders. They guided me through this step by step process. On top of that everything is done in very less time. Actually, file destruction in Toronto Police jurisdiction takes around a year to two years. But in my case, it took less than 7 months. Now I can freely travel to U.S. and can apply for Canadian Citizenship and pursue my career in Accounting field. I will definitely inform people in community about Pardons Canada if somebody need help with getting a pardon or file destruction. I am forever grateful for getting another chance and am more educated now about the law. I want to thank all the Pardons Canada staff for all their help and support during this process. By Anon.

My name is Patricia T and I am writing this letter to let you know how having my pardon has changed my life since I have received it. The long 2-year wait was worth it. I am now applying for jobs with confidence and have now been able to volunteer for my son’s school. My self-esteem and confidence is growing more every day. I believe that if you anyone has the opportunity to get a pardon, they should go for it. It is the best decision I have ever made in my life. I made a mistake when I was young, I changed my life and now this just silicified the hard work and positive changes I have aspired to make. I can’t wait to take my son to Disney land …. Thank you again ..

Frequently Asked Questions about Pardons.org


1) Is Pardons Canada a government agency or private?

Pardons Canada is a non-profit nation-wide organization. They’ve been helping Canadians for over 25 years. They employ experts that know how to navigate the problems caused by having a criminal record. They specialize in criminal record removal.

Many other organizations rely on the expertise of Pardons Canada. They often refer people who they
cannot help. Pardons Canada also assists people with U.S. Entry waivers and Pardon/Record suspension applications. They have a really sophisticated automated system. They use it to
communicate with law enforcement and courts across the country.

2) I heard that Pardons Canada actually instructs the government on criminal records. Is that true?

Yes. They teach the government and offer help to organizations through free education
programs. Their community outreach coordinator has been in the industry for over 15 years.
Pardons Canada acts as a resource for Probation offices, Corrections Canada, Legal clinics etc.

3) How do people learn about and find Pardons Canada?

Over 5400 offices and organizations rely on Pardons Canada’s expertise. They refer people to them.
Some of these include, Welfare offices, Police stations, Addiction centers, and Employment centers.

4) Are Pardons Canada counsellors fully trained before working with the public?

Yes. Pardons Canada counsellors are experts. They go through an extensive training process so that they can provide the absolute best service to you.

5) Should I hire Pardons Canada?

Criminal code laws are very complex and difficult to interpret. Those that work in the field often have misconceptions about criminal record policies, laws, and protocol. Pardons Canada is constantly talking with over 1450 courts, and police stations that all have different interpretations of the policies of record destruction and record retention.

They stay up to date on regulation changes and with federal, provincial, and municipal laws. Up to 40% of applications that are done by an individual alone are rejected. Usually because there are small mistakes. Without Pardons Canada, your application can be a waste of time and money. Also, destruction of photographs and finger prints can be difficult when there are numerous police agencies involved.

You may also not even need a Pardon/Record suspension. After they look at your criminal record, Pardons Canada can make the right recommendation.

6) Can’t I do this on my own and save money?

You absolutely can do this on your own if you know how to do the paperwork. You don’t have to have a lawyer but you do need to know how to do it. Feel free to contact Pardons Canada if you have any questions. Unfortunately, without the help of Pardons Canada it may end up taking much longer and costing more money.

Here’s a video from Andrew at Pardons.org. It’s a great intro to what they offer.

Here’s a few links that might help:


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